So who am I and what do I do that can help you?

So who am I and how can I help you?

Over the years, I have dealt with various traumas of my own, witnessed a few as well and suffered vicarious trauma as a result.  I asked the question... surely there is a purpose to all this pain and suffering? I had already studied counselling, I wanted to help people with their issues but I found the idea of clients visiting repeatedly - for maybe months at a time - wasn't really 'sitting right' with me. So I walked away, feeling quite frustrated and disappointed and focused on having a life of 'normality' whatever that was.. Years later - and a few more traumas, I found myself wondering about my long term job satisfaction and questioning what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was working in drug, alcohol and mental health services and had many long conversations with the people I was supporting, it was obvious where therapeutic intervention would have allowed them to walk a different path instead of wasting years of their lives in pain. This made me realised there was more I could do to help people get back on their paths to happy fulfilling lives... I began training in hypnotherapy and discovered that the world of therapy I walked away from all those years ago had progressed since my earlier days. l also went on to train in various therapeutic interventions which you can look into below. 

I continue to add to my toolbox so I can offer the quickest, most effective treatments to my clients.


Because your journey doesn't end after therapy, it's only just beginning.





Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is an effective therapy for anxiety, anger, depression, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, phobias, unwanted habits and trauma. It can create rapid change, allowing you to free yourself and move forward from the past and into a healthier, happier future. 

IEMT was developed by Andrew T. Austin and is used in many countries around the world. Eye movements and careful questioning are employed to rapidly process and discharge uncomfortable reactions to memories and change unhelpful beliefs and emotional imprints (ie how we have learned to feel or be a certain way).Moving the eyes along different axes whilst focussing on the memory or emotion accesses the different parts of the brain where those memories and emotions are stored. This, when carried out in a calm, relaxed state in a safe space, prevents the previous overwhelm in the brain, freeing it to process the memories and change the emotional attachment to them. This allows you to step out of the loop and into a new way of being, free of the distress and unhelpful reactions. 

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When we have a traumatic experience, we can be left suffering with the emotional effects of the trauma. This is because the trauma hasn’t been processed properly in the limbic system. Neuroscience research shows that structures in the right side/hemisphere of the brain are overactive and acting as if there is an immediate threat in sufferers of PTSD and trauma.

The BLAST Technique® utilises precise bi-lateral movements with a light pen (which helps the memory access the left side/hemisphere of the brain) and specific suggestions to the client which helps reprocess the traumatic event so they understand what happened and can remember, but it no longer has any physical or emotional response.

The BLAST Technique® has been used to resolve PTSD and trauma from:

  • Sexual Assaults

  • Physical Assaults

  • Child Abuse

  • Robbery

  • Mugging

  • Narcissist Relationship Abuse

  • Terrorist Attacks

  • Natural Disasters

  • Being Diagnosed with Life-Threatening Illnesses

Other conditions which can be treated are:

  • Anxiety and general anxiety disorder

  • Depression

  • Postnatal depression

  • Traumatic birth

  • Addictions and cravings

  • Phobias

  • Allergies

  • Intimidation from bullying

  • Jealousy

  • Anger and rage

  • Guilt

  • Shame

  • Insomnia

  • Bereavement and grief

  • Relationship breakups

The BLAST Technique® was created in 2008 by psychotherapist Nick Davies in order to speed up the process and efficacy of PTSD and trauma treatment for an all-round better and more efficient experience for the client.

It draws from some of the research of neuroscientist and neuropsychologists Joseph LeDoux, Peter Naish and Ksenja da Silva and utilises several treatment modalities to create what BLAST practitioners and clients believe is the fastest, most effective treatment for this chronic, yet curable condition.


Pain Therapy

OldPain2Go® is at the head of a revolution in how you can learn to take back control from Old Pain messages instead of THEM controlling YOU.
Many people who have been stuggling with pain for months, even years may find it hard to believe that this is possible. 
You don't have to believe it will work for it to work, but you DO need to have an open mind and WANT to be Pain Free!

Our brains are the control centre for our whole body - they are in charge of everything that happens in our bodies - including pain. So all pain is ultimately made by the brain even though we feel it other places in our body.
New, or Acute, pain is an important protective mechanism - it tells us when there is a new injury or problem and makes us act upon it, to remove ourselves from the cause of the injury and to seek treatment.
However, once we have had a proper medical diagnosis, have had any treatments that may be available and the tissues are healed, or will never heal sometimes the pain continues. This then becomes Old, or Chronic, pain. No more can be done except pain relief and often people are told that they will have to learn to live with it for the rest of their lives.
That's when OldPain2Go® may help - even if nothing else has.
OldPain2Go® is available ONLY after your doctor has diagnosed the problem and either:
1/ There is nothing more can be done but manage the pain.
2/ Your Doctor cannot find the reason after exhausting all the test processes and offers pain management.
3/ You have a degenerative condition where it is likely the pain will increase and all that can be done is pain management.
OldPain2Go® is NOT pain management. It does not require touch, exercise or manipulation. It is a simple process of putting you in contact with the relevant parts of your own brain that are creating the pain to help you understand why the pain message continues and to bargain with the brain to get it to release you from that old pain program it is running.

OldPain2Go® has been developed by Steven Blake over a period of 6 years whilst working as a therapist on thousands of people with physical and emotional pain. He was getting exceptional results, typically in one session. Analysis of this success led to this methodology which is based on how the brain processes information and runs automated programs.
It is Steven’s mission to take this methodology worldwide so that no-one, where-ever they live, needs to continue suffering.
From the first training in OldPain2Go® of 5 people in November 2016 there are now over 1000 Practitioners worldwide and growing fast (figures as of August 2019).

Please note: This does not constitute medical advice nor is it a substitute for it. You must have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has prescribed or advised pain relief. An OldPain2Go Practitioner will work with you to help you access the part of your mind that deals with your own healing processes and help you ask for it to review your pain messages. It is a non-medical intervention of self work.



Mike Mandel
"In my honest opinion Freddy Jacquin is the number one hypnotherapist in the world. Training with him and his remarkably talented son, Anthony is a must for anyone who wants to develop stellar hypnosis skills."

I wanted to develop stellar hypnosis skills so I trained with them. A bit more about them below. 

The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy is run by father and son, Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin.

Freddy Jacquin has worked as a hypnotherapist since 1994. He has helped more than 30,000 therapy clients in his private practice and group sessions. He is the founder of The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, previously known as the UK Hypnotherapy Training College (UKHTC), and has trained thousands of hypnotherapists throughout the world.

Freddy is also the developer of The Arrow Technique, and Potensharu a unique parenting programme designed to help your child realise their potential. He is the author of 'Hypnotherapy : Methods, Techniques and Philosophies.' 

In 2010 he was awarded the B.Sc.(Hons) in Clinical Hypnosis from St. Mary's University College.

Learn more about Freddy on his personal website 

Anthony Jacquin learnt hypnosis from his father, and did his first hypnotherapy session in 1995. He then trained with several more excellent teachers, and went full time into hypnotherapy in 2001. Since then he has worked with over 5,000 therapy clients, helping them change their lives and realise their dreams.

In 2004 he began performing professionally, providing entertainment that reveals the power of the human mind. He specialises in mixing magic tricks with mind games and hypnosis - a combination that will amaze.

He is the author of the highly acclaimed book 'Reality is Plastic! The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis' and now runs training courses around the world, teaching others about this fascinating art. Learn more about Anthony on his personal website,

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Simpson Protocol

The Simpson Protocol is an advanced hypnotherapy technique (developed in Canada by Ines Simpson) that allows the client to enter a deeper hypnotic state. At this time, we can ask the subconscious mind to address any issue that may be causing a problem. It allows the subconscious to fulfil its true role: working to heal and restore the individual, without the interference of the conscious mind.

It has several important differences from regular Hypnotherapy sessions: During the session, the client does not disclose (talk about) the issue. This makes the technique very private and client centred with the person directing their own healing with my guidance.


The Profound Somnambulism Protocol

The Profound Somnambulism Deep Trance Protocol course allows the hypnotist to take the cient to the deepest levels of hypnosis, beyond the Esdaile state, beyond the coma state using subconscious dialogue. The  subconscious  talks to you with the client’s voice box while the client’s conscious mind is taking a hypnotic nap. It feels just like talking to an old friend. And when you are eliciting full sentences and back and forth banter from the subconscious, you get much more accurate information than from IMRs alone.