About Me

In 2004, I began studying counselling. I wanted to help people with their issues but I found the idea of clients visiting repeatedly - for maybe months at a time -  wasn't really 'sitting right' with me. So I walked away, feeling quite frustrated and disappointed and focused on having a life of 'normality' whatever that was. 

Years later I found myself wondering about my long term job satisfaction and questioning what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was working in drug, alcohol and mental health services and had many long conversations with the people I was supporting, it was obvious where therapeutic intervention would have allowed them to walk a different path. This made me realised there was more I could do to help people to live happy fulfilling lives... I began training in Hypnotherapy and discovered that the world of therapy I walked away from all those years ago had progressed since my earlier days.

My discovery led me to many other amazing therapies, including IEMT, BLAST and OldPain2Go which I am now trained in.

I continue to add to my toolbox so I am able to offer the best service for my clients