Bonnie Silverback Therapies Online

My sessions for trauma, anxiety, and grief for example, work just as well online. I usually conduct my online sessions over Zoom, although it is also possible for us to use Teams or Google Meet if that is your preference. They are secure and easy to use. Instructions are provided if required, so I can help you with any connection difficulties

The convenience of being at home can be a great advantage, and will save you time and the hassle of parking. Another great benefit is that it doesn’t matter if we live at opposite ends of the country, or even in a different country, it all still works.

Online sessions are effective and efficient, and they also have some extra bonuses…..

  • You don’t have to drive anywhere

  • You don’t need to find parking

  • You can do it all from where you feel comfortable.

So if you haven’t tried online therapy yet, let’s give it a go!