Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a brief change work process that generates rapid change in the area of undesired emotional and identity issues. The techniques used within IEMT will look to answer the question....... 'How did you learn to feel THIS way, about THAT thing?'

Emotional imprinting occurs when a person stores in their mind a new emotional response to an experience or stimulus, which they then carry forward and use in future situations. When a person first experiences negative emotional feelings, they store the memory by thinking, 'This has happened and that makes me unhappy'. If they continue to keep going back to the memory they have stored over a long period of time they move on from just experiencing the feeling of 'unhappiness' and begin to create an identity 'I am an unhappy person' or 'I am depressed'. So, emotional imprinting occurs when a person stores in their mind a new emotional response to an experience or stimulus, which they then carry forward and use in future situations, and identity imprinting occurs during lifelong development and is constantly evolving and changing.

Once an emotion becomes an identity it feels like it is a massive part of your life, because you have in a sense, chosen to carry it around with you as your identity. So it is there when you wake up and with you until you go to bed, just like all your other identites....... 'I am a mum' 'I am a doctor' 'I am depressed'...... This is when you begin to feel overwhelmed by that emotion and you feel like you can not get out of the situation you are in.

How can IEMT help?

When we are asked to think about any memory or feeling or thought, our eyes move in certain directions. They are doing this as they are searching in different parts of your brain for the information that you are asking for. IEMT works with these eye accessing cues, along with the feelings or identity you are experiencing and helps dissasociate the emotion from the stored memories. The result of this is that the feeling or imagery loses its emotional impact and becomes far less.

The change is rapid and effective.



Do you have any questions about IEMT ... Bonnie Silverback Therapies is committed to giving clients the best care and experience possible. See some of the most common questions and answers below. If you still need assistance, reach out.

What is IEMT

IEMT is effective change work - which works swiftly to de-charge negative memories, reduce negative emotions, post traumatic stress and works on dis empowered ideas around identity. IEMT works as the client holds the problem and its imagery in mind while being led to move the eyes in different directions.

What can IEMT be used for? 

IEMT is an excellent tool for dealing with a wide range of emotional issues.  
It is particularly effective in dealing with: 

Stress and Anxiety  

PTSD and Flashbacks


Feelings of guilt, regret and remorse

Fears and phobias  Dealing with overwhelm   

Removing negative memories and traumatic experiences

Panic attacks  

Overcoming long term identity issues such as divorce 

What happens in an IEMT session

Unlike many psychological therapeutic processes, IEMT does not require the client to disclose lots of details about their experience or give details about troublesome events. It is in effect a 'secret therapy'. Disclosure is not required and the clients secrets remain secret.  A session involves the practitioner asking some specific questions. The client then concentrates on the answers whilst the practitioner instructs the client to move their eyes by pointing and moving their finger or a pen in the directions required.


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